Ray phone - an Eye-Free Smartphone. The Best Communication Solution For The Blind And Visual Impaired

RAY is the world’s only smartphone developed specially for the blind, from its unique operating system & eye-free operation to specialized built-in apps and content featuring:
This affordable, integrated device replaces multiple expensive and complex accessories required for essential communication, orientation, daily routine tasks, entertainment and more.

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Remote Assistance

A breakthrough set of features available ONLY on Ray's smartphones, Eye Assist will greatly improve the quality of daily life for the blind and visually impaired. Remote Assist includes a Web Portal, for managing and editing Ray device content, and Eye Assist Application for the user trusted person, so they will always be communicated and support will be a phone tap away

Simple User Interface

Achieving Perfection for Sight-Free Operation, RAY is a new accessibility concept that enables eye-free interaction.
Ray user interface is consistent for all Ray apps and requires minimum learning and no memorizing.
Ray operation is simple and based on one gesture.

All in One

Ray phone includes all the applications and functions a user might need for his daily life, and much more. Ray phone comes built in with:

  • Phone, SMS, Contact list, Email, etc
  • Calendar, Watch, Notes,
  • Location apps
  • Library app (hear books, magazines, podcasts and radio stations)
  • Voice control and voice recognition
  • Remote assistance
  • Latest Android version, full Android mode